950 Main Street, PO Box 310
Wellsburg, WV 26070
(304) 737-3371 tel
(304) 737-3391 fax

All agency offices can use this link to access BriteCore, which includes Municipal's new QUOTING software BriteQuote.

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Municipal Mutual Insurance Company of WV
950 Main Street
PO Box 310
Wellsburg, WV 26070
(304) 737-3371 tel
(304) 737-3391 fax

Name Title Email Extension
Aracich, Shelly Agent Appts / Cancellations
Claims Adjuster
[email protected] 117
Black, Missy Underwriting [email protected] 126
Carroll, Donna Accounts Rec. / Billing [email protected] 118
Coen, Loretta Receptionist / Policy Processing
(HO, MHO, DF, Farm & Comm)
[email protected] 109
Edwards, Maribeth Underwriting[email protected] 120
Eskridge, Ed Underwriting[email protected] 105
Fantone, Kate Accounting[email protected] 121
Johnson, Lance Claims Manager [email protected] 122
Provenzano, Matt VP of Operations [email protected] 116
Rine, Chelsea Policy Processing (HO, MHO, DF, Farm, & Comm) [email protected] 102
Saas, Diana Policy Processing
(HO, MHO, DF, Farm, & Comm)
[email protected]123
Sperlazza, Kalee Policy Processing [email protected] 115
Swystun, Valerie Underwriting [email protected] 127
Taylor, Brian President & CEO [email protected]  

Customers who work with a mutual insurance company have a shared purpose: getting the best coverage and protection available. And mutual insurance delivers because mutual serve policyholders; not shareholders. Our decisions are always based on what's best for you and your family. Plus local agents offer customized solutions for all your insurance needs. Find out how mutual insurance can work for you.